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AsiaStyle & Rounded Shapes

You do not need any specific knowledge to take part in this interesting video course. Only an interest in chic hairstyles and your own motivation are necessary to successfully swing the scissors as a groomer.


The craft needs to be learned

AsiaStyle & rounded shapes

As the name suggests, this trend comes from Asia. 


Because the demand for Asian style is constantly increasing, we have decided to offer a video course on this innovative trend.


What is the Asia Style: 

The head is cut round, the eyes are emphasized and should appear large. The dog's body is cut short so that the dog does not felt where the harness, coat or sweater rests. The legs remain long, either round or bell-shaped, depending on desire, taste and smack. 

However, all this is not a "must".  Because with Asia Style there are no limits and your imagination can run wild. In addition, you can attach smaller accessories, they are the icing on the cake of this style. But that's not a "must" either. 

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