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7 inch curved scissors "GT-700.C30"

  • Sharp blades made of high quality Japanese grade A. CN420C steel
  • Rockwell hardness of steel 54-56 (Rockwell)
  • Cutting angle 30 degrees
  • Scissor blades Original soft cut

Universal basic scissors, suitable for all types of wool.

Strong blades ensure a high volume cut and the original sharpness - a soft cut - the perfect finish.

The additional levers on the handles allow the scissors to be turned in both directions, which is practical and easier for working on all areas of the dog.

By using local (Chinese) but very high quality A-class steel, we have succeeded in reducing production costs. Technologically, the production does not differ from the G-POINT products.

G-START 7.0 inch curved scissors

SKU: GT-700.C30
Excluding VAT |
  • Weight scissors 61 grams
    Weight including packaging 223 grams
    Length scissors 7 inches / 17.7 cm
    Bent degree 30 °
    Number of teeth 0
    Number of micro teeth 0
    Rockwell hardness 54-56
    steel CN420C

    G-Start scissors have all the necessary features and advantages of our G-POINT scissors. They are made of high quality steel and the sharpness is made by professional masters in this field.

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