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Thinning scissors 7 "inch " GT-700.50T "

  • Sharp blades made of high quality Japanese grade A. CN420C steel
  • Rockwell hardness of steel 54-56 (Rockwell)
  • Intersection 35-40% (base + finish)
  • 50 teeth
  • Scissor blades Original soft cut

These scissors are suitable for all types of wool. Drop, down, double and hard wool are suitable for both volumetric cuts and the finish.

If the coat is curly, it is recommended to use these scissors only for the finish.

The 7-inch blade has 50 teeth with two mini-teeth each, which ensure a good grip on the wool.

The biggest advantage of this model is the soft cut without marks!

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, the hand does not tire during long work.

By using local (Chinese) but very high quality A-class steel, we have succeeded in reducing production costs. Technologically, the production does not differ from the G-POINT products.

G-START 7.0 inch straight modeling scissors

SKU: GT-700.50T
Excluding VAT |
  • Weight scissors 67 grams
    Weight including packaging 266 grams
    Length scissors 7 inches / 17.7 cm
    Bent degree 0 °
    Number of teeth 50
    Number of micro teeth 0
    Rockwell hardness 54-56
    steel CN420C

    G-Start scissors have all the necessary features and advantages of our G-POINT scissors. They are made of high quality steel and the sharpness is made by professional masters in this field.

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