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Straight scissors 7 "SHARK " GP-700SA "

  • Ultra-sharp blades made of high quality Japanese steel SUS440C, particularly hard and resistant.
  • Rockwell hardness of steel 62-64 (Rockwell)
  • Light ergonomic handle
  • Scissor blades convex / semi-convex (firm soft cut)

These scissors are suitable for all types of wool!

The exclusive mixed form of sharpening (one blade is convex, the other blade is semi-convex) enables the scissors to work in a very quiet mode and to make a very soft cut for any volume. A cut that doesn't have to be reworked later for the finish With these scissors you can start and finish a cut of any complexity.

A special weighting device at the tip lets the entire blade work equally hard.

Despite the massive blades, these scissors are very light and, thanks to their ergonomic handle, the hand does not tire even after long periods of work.

Scope of delivery:

  • Straight scissors 7 "SHARK
  • Scissors box
  • Scissors case made of synthetic leather
  • Finger ring (handle inserts)
  • Scissor adjuster (key) * only for scissors with adjustment option
  • Care cloth.

G-POINT 7.0 Inch *Sharks*

Excluding VAT |
  • Weight scissors 74 grams
    Weight including packaging 286 grams
    Length scissors 7 inches / 17.7 cm
    Bent degree 0
    Number of teeth 0
    Number of micro teeth 0
    Rockwell hardness 62-64
    steel SUS440C
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