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Thinning scissors 7.5 "inch MAGIC " GP-750FM "

  • Ultra-sharp blades made of high quality Japanese steel SUS440C, particularly hard and resistant.
  • Rockwell hardness of steel 62-64 (Rockwell)
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Intersection 75-80% (finishing)
  • 48 teeth
  • Scissor blades Original soft cut

These scissors are suitable for all types of wool.

The innovative model "Magic" was designed personally in April 2020 by George Goginashvili.

In terms of the number of teeth, they resemble a normal chunker. However, the big difference is that the cut with the 7.5 "MAGIC thinning scissors leaves absolutely no marks.

With these scissors you can start and finish the haircut without using other models of scissors, as they work perfectly both with large volumes and for the finish.

These scissors will definitely improve your quality of work and reduce the time spent to a minimum.

One of our MUST HAVE products

Scope of delivery:

  • Thinning scissors 7.5 "inch MAGIC
  • Scissors box
  • Scissors case made of synthetic leather
  • Finger ring (handle inserts)
  • Scissor adjuster (key) * only for scissors with adjustment option
  • Care cloth.

G-POINT 7,5 Inch *MAGIC*

Excluding VAT |
  • Weight scissors 89 grams
    Weight including packaging 288 grams
    Length scissors 7.5 inches / 19.0 cm
    Bent degree 0
    Number of teeth 48
    Number of micro teeth 0
    Rockwell hardness 62-64
    steel SUS440C
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