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Welcome to the G-POINT Grooming Academy Online.

Our first video course is about Asian style and rounded shapes.

George and the G-Point team have completed the first video course with a professional film crew. Unique graphic elements, many details and explanations can be found as learning material in this video course.

WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE is not just a saying, we really do it.  Find out why we're sure this slogan is so appropriate.

After seeing, recognizing and understanding this video course, you are guaranteed not to have the question of how to get the right AsiaStyle haircut. You will learn to avoid mistakes and to pay attention to certain small but important elements.

In this video course, George teaches you how to create professional AsiaStyle shapes. AsiaStyle shapes that last and don't fall apart after a short time. Because, we all know this problem with such a small haircut, here you will find the solution.

You will learn how to maintain symmetry in the simplest way.

The scissors technique for creating round shapes that you see in the video can also be used to create any round shape. For you, this means that this video course is useful not only for Asian style, but also for everyday salon life, since each dog has rounded shapes.
Video animations in a unique and exclusive way using graphic elements. They help describe what is being shown in the video. Our goal in producing it was that it would leave minimal questions after viewing.

Depending on the package and the service booked, you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues in an exclusive forum, which is personally supervised by George. With other packages, you even get the opportunity to conduct a video meeting with George personally about this video course and to ask him your questions directly.

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The figures in the table contain the number of accesses to the respective online products.

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